“Your class was excellent. It was very informative and inspirational.”
Michael Epps, CEO Title Tree

Federal Procurement Workshop is “A Good Introductory Course.” The most beneficial part of the course was writing the Capability Statement.
Scott Lucier, President Stacked Systems, LLC

“The Presenter was very knowledgeable and will be a good resource in the future.”
Pat Johnson, President, Paje Designs

“The most beneficial part of the workshop was information on costing, audits, Defense Contract Audit Agency, and accounting systems.”
Cynthia L.S. Edgerton, President, Edge Space Systems, Inc.


Well known for the quality and effectiveness of our training and consulting, we serve a wide range of organizations and individuals including, but not limited to, nonprofit service providers, colleges and universities; churches and faith based organizations; small business owners and staff; corporate CEOs and professionals; federal, state, or local public servants including government program administrators and Senior Executive Service (SES) managers; and organizations including fraternities and sororities.

Does your company need to expand its business portfolio with government contracts?  Do you work for a government contractor and would like to understand the federal procurement process?  Are you a church or non profit organization and you are interested in the federal procurement faith based program?

  • Accounting, Budgeting and Financial Management