Welcome to Lord and Tucker Management Consultants, LLC

Developing People and Promoting Organizations

Lord and Tucker Management Consultants, LLC (LTMC) is a certified Woman-owned, Federal 8a, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) consulting firm that specializes in government procurement, acquisition support, entrepreneurship and management training and assisting and advising other small businesses.

Lord and Tucker Management Consultants, LLC (LTMC) provides programs and business operations subject matter expertise supporting your:

  • Program and Contracts Offices Acquisitions Training and Staffing; Compliance Checks, Quality Assurance Reviews and Audit Support; Logistics Support, Project Management and Meetings Support
  • Budget Formulation, Pricing and Estimating including IGEs; Business Process Improvement Analysis and Evaluations; Purchase Card Program Compliance Reviews Support
  • Cooperative, Inter-agency, and MOU Agreement Development; training, Reports, Assessments, and Analysis; Public and Legislative Affairs Reporting
  • FOIA Staffing Augmentation; Human Resources Infrastructure Development

What We Offer

Business Consultation
Training & Development (Entrepreneurial & Organizational)
Acquisitions Lifecycle Support

LTMC knows that consultation is more than giving mere advice. The needs will vary from seeking solutions, analyses of organizational concerns, to implementation of best practices that business. We offer a number of skills including, but not limited to:

  • –Research, Evaluation and Policy Studies
  • –Strategic Planning and Organizational Development
  • –Project Management
  • –Program Planning and Development
  • –Technical Assistance

The LTMC believes in sharing the wealth of knowledge and wisdom gained over the 15+ years with everyone. We offer trainings, webinars, curriculum, and workshops to showcase our multiple mediums of educational engagement. We provide exceptional, intricate focus to our variety of clients from the new entrepreneur getting their start-up off of the ground to the multi million dollar corporate or federal organization seeking our contractual resources to add to their workforce development.

  • –Are you new or seasoned business wanting to learn more about the tricks of trade in contractual work with the federal government?
  • –Is your business seeking cradle to grave comprehensive acquisition support such as technical writing, proposal management?
  • –Are you a church or non profit organization and you are interested in the federal faith based grant program?
  • –Are you a non profit and your entity requires business management training?
  • –Have you been in business one year and you need to revise or develop your marketing and strategic plans?

Regardless of where you are, LTMC, LLC will be there with you throughout the process. We understand how to best navigate through these waters since we have lived them, and we aim to give you the tools to become proficient navigators as well.

Along with our multiple aptitudes, we take our engagement in ensuring your business’s success seriously in carrying out cradle to grave comprehensive acquisition support in providing aid in identification, assessment, procurement, system development and implementation, maintenance & operations as well as closeout.
This also includes, but is it not limited to:

  • –Technical Writing
  • –Proposal Management
  • –Training and Course Development
Lord and Tucker