Capability Statement

Lord and Tucker Management Consultants, LLC (LTMC) provides high-quality management consulting and training in entrepreneurship, federal government contracting, collegiate professional development, management and leadership, and workforce development as displayed in our capability statement. Please note that since we have been in business for over 20 years, our capability statement is only an abridged version of our multiple achievements and success stories. We are a small, minority and woman owned business that provides top notch service especially in the realm of professional development services for individuals and organizations through consulting, workshops, seminars and one on one coaching.

We apply sound management approaches and detailed technical knowledge to improve the capacity of our clients to operate more efficiently and effectively. LTMC customizes services to our clients’ particular needs and expose clients to relevant “best practices” to enhance its professional and career development program.  We are well known for the quality and effectiveness of our work and serve a wide range of organizations and individuals including, but not limited to, nonprofit service providers, colleges and universities; churches and faith based organizations; small business owners and staff; corporate CEOs and professionals; federal, state, or local public servants including government program administrators and Senior Executive Service (SES) managers; and professional organizations including fraternities and sororities.

Lord and Tucker