Our Team

Since its genesis in 2004, Lord and Tucker Management Consultants, LLC (LTMC) has constantly provided high-quality management consulting and training in entrepreneurship, federal government contracting, collegiate professional development, management and leadership, and workforce development. As a reliable purveyor of top notch services, LTMC provides professional development resources for individuals and organizations through consulting, workshops, seminars and one on one coaching.

We apply sound management approaches and detailed technical knowledge to improve the capacity of our clients to operate more efficiently and effectively. LTMC customizes services to our clients’ particular needs and expose clients to relevant “best practices” to enhance their professional and career development program.  Well-known for the quality and effectiveness of our work, we serve a wide range of clients including, but not limited to, nonprofit service providers, colleges and universities; churches and faith based organizations; small business owners and staff; corporate CEOs and professionals; federal, state, or local public servants including government program administrators and Senior Executive Service (SES) managers; and professional organizations including fraternities and sororities.

We are confident in our expertise and what we bring to the table.

LTMC Service Recognition and Awards

2021 Fiserv Back2Business Grant and Recognition at the Congressional Baseball Game

LTMC President Supports Small Business (May 2019 Edition)

2018 Annual Leaders and Legends & Top 100 MBEs

2015 Calvert County NAACP Outstanding Community Service Award

2008 Southern Maryland Small Business Person of the Year

2007 U.S. Small Business Administration Maryland Veteran Business Advocate 

Dawn Tucker

Dawn Tucker is the President of Lord and Tucker Management Consultants, LLC (LTMC), a certified Woman-owned, Federal 8a , and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) consulting firm that specializes in government procurement, acquisition support, entrepreneurship and management training and assisting and advising other small businesses. 
Fully equipped with over 15 years of experience, Mrs. Tucker speaks eloquently and  knowledgeably on the common mistakes, pitfalls, best practices and products of success in the federal contracting arena. She is a trail-blazer in the business of development and promotion of her expansive spectrum of clients from individual people to large, multi-million dollar organizations.  

The reliable and outstanding services provided by LTMC, LLC are evident of Mrs. Tucker’s leadership, wisdom, diligence, delivery, and skillful acquisition of both contracting personnel and relevant resources ensuring the ongoing success of her clients and employees. 

View Dawn’s Fiserv Interview here: https://fb.watch/91lios6c_n/

Stephanie FiguerouxOperations and HR Manager

Stephanie Figeroux is Lord and Tucker Management Consultants, LLC’s Operations and HR Manager. Ms. Figeroux is well-versed and highly equipped with multiple aptitudes that accompany her Professional in Human Resources ® (PHR) certification which include, but are not limited to: personnel management, budgeting, government, event management and team building.  A professional with over 20 years of experience in both the corporate and government sector, she received her Master’s in Human Resource Management in 2013 after accomplishing her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management and her Associate’s in Accounting from the University of Phoenix.  

Ms. Figeroux brings unparalleled expertise to the LTMC, LLC team in her strategic efforts to further enhance LTMC, LLC’s HR concerns by implementing and monitoring human resource policies, practices, and programs while evaluating and maintaining professional rapport both internal to LTMC, LLC and with its external respected clients.   

A few fun facts about Ms. Figueroux:  is a Star Trek nerd, a novice gardener, and a lover of live music. 

Tracey SchroederSenior Analyst

Tracey Schroeder is a senior analyst at Lord and Tucker Management Consultants, LLC. Mrs. Schroeder received her Bachelors degree from the University of Delaware, her graduate level education and degree from James Madison University and Virginia Tech and has held a variety of senior level positions across a plethora of industries in the public, private and government sector.  

From being a coordinator, administrator, specialist and more, Mrs. Schroeder is no stranger to the common labor force demands that must be satisfied to ensure a healthy thriving work environment and executes the aforementioned skills to any and every LTMC related effort. As an invaluable asset to the LTMC team, Mrs. Schroeder performs a multitude of responsibilities including, but not limited to: training and professional development, proposal creation and generation, research, analysis and program assistance and grant review. 

A few fun facts about Mrs. Schroeder: holds license to legally marry couples, has two furry friends, and lives in Virginia. 

Leonard GreeneBusiness Analyst

Leonard Greene is the Business Analyst of Lord and Tucker Management Consultants, LLC. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Baltimore County’s University of Maryland, and among his various aptitudes, he has extensive knowledge in Federal Performance, Data Analysis, and Labor Market Information. As a well-versed individual in strategic budgeting and business finance, Mr. Greene is an invaluable asset to the LTMC, LLC in how he provides excellent vision, guidance, maintenance and execution of procurement and budget management procedures necessary to keep our team functioning at optimum levels in financial matters. 

A few fun facts about Mr. Greene: Enjoys spending time at the beach, gym, hiking, listening to music, and enjoying TV/Film

Kamalia BluntSenior Analyst

Kamalia Blunt is a senior analyst at Lord and Tucker Management Consultants, LLC. Ms. Blunt has performed leadership and project management responsibilities on several ventures in representation of LTMC as well as executing marketing and graphic design efforts including website generation and content building. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with a minor in Chinese from the University of Georgia, and is pursuing Masters in Science for Health Promotion Management at American University.

Ms. Blunt is highly skilled at written and verbal communication to a variety of audiences and has an extensive, colorful background in research, data analytics, visualizations and report generation in terms of her previous service to  Federal and State government entities. 

A few fun facts about Ms. Blunt: loves artistic activities such as poetry, painting and singing, enjoys doing Crossfit, and loves to travel

Rachel PopeJunior Analyst

Rachel Pope is the Junior Analyst of Lord and Tucker Management Consultants, LLC. She attended Prince George’s Community College and has provided excellent service to LTMC for over 12 years. Due to her innate skill of team collaboration, dedication to tasks, and communication as well as a notable work ethic of nothing short of high quality, Ms. Pope satisfies a number of functions from administrative to company representative proving herself to be one of the core veins of strategic internal functions within LTMC.  

A few fun facts about Ms. Pope: 
A proud graduate of Huntingtown HS in Maryland (#CanePride!), has an Esthetician license, loves to cook and wants to one day open her own daycare center.

Subject Matter Experts, Management Analysts, and InternsPositions Vary

To further ensure the ongoing success within our company, LTMC maintains a staff of seasoned, reliable and innovative personnel fully equipped to handle and engage in all and any concerns regarding our efforts.  These are our  contractors and interns who further represent the excellence and success of LTMC when they engage with us internally and our clients externally, and there are not enough accolades to express our gratitude to these individuals. 

While our business is small in number, we are gargantuan in professionalism and expertise, and we are always ready at the helm to be of service to both our clients and fellow colleagues for their promotion and development. 

Lord and Tucker