Professional Development

Are you a federal employee or corporate professional and you want to start your own business?  Does your church want to expand its economic development ministry?  Are you planning to retire and you have a great idea for a business?  Have you been in business one year and you need to revise or develop your marketing and strategic plans?

Entrepreneurship Series

This modular training program provides three development levels per topic for the professional seeking to become an entrepreneur, the business start up, and the seasoned business owner.

A, B, Cs of Entrepreneurship – Phase I

Topics include:  Your Potential as an Entrepreneur, The Nature of Small Business, Business Opportunities, and Global Markets.

The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Success – Phase II

Topics include:  The Business Plan, Help for the Entrepreneur, Types of Ownership, Market Analysis, Location, Pricing Strategy, Financing the Business, and Legal Issues.

The Small Business CEO’s Business Management Guide – Phase III

Topics include: Business Management, Human Resources, Promotion, Selling, Record Keeping, Financial Analysis, Customer Credit, Risk Management, and Operations.

Collegiate Professional Development Series

Do you need to know what it takes to move from the locker room to the board room?  Do you dream about being your own boss, and wonder what do I need to get started?

You, Incorporated!

Thinking of starting a business? This workshop provides the basic information you need to get your business off the ground. Whether an athlete ever signs a major contract, they are a small business – You, Inc.  Athletes, Coaches and Sports Administrators, like entrepreneurs, possess certain qualities such as being tough minded, dedicated, risk takers, and goal oriented.  This workshop will assist the participant in assessing his or her aptitude to become an entrepreneur, and highlight the importance of understanding business principles in everyday life. Topics covered include what it takes to be an entrepreneur, starting your market research, and examples of athletes who have started successful businesses. You will also learn about the services and resources available for budding entrepreneurs.

Project Planning for the Busy Student

Whether you are a student or work in the corporate environment, the ability to manage projects successfully can help you to better plan your time and achieve optimal results.  A project is any endeavor that leads to achieving an organization’s strategic goals including its business strategy.  They may involve a single person, teams, groups, churches, businesses, or civic organizations.  Learn the basics of project management, one of the fastest growing professions in the world, from planning your project to project execution.

Getting Things Done

Create a roadmap for success by developing a personal mission statement and individual development plan.  Topics covered will include: Setting Goals and Priorities To Get Things Done; Master the skills of planning your weeks and organizing your days so your time is spent in tasks that really matter; The ability to reduce stress by eliminating unnecessary activities; Skills for mastering information management; How to balance work and life priorities; and How to Utilize Time Management Tools and Systems – virtual and paper systems.

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