Dawn Tucker


Dawn Tucker is the President of Lord and Tucker Management Consultants, LLC (LTMC), a woman-owned, federal 8a STARS III, and MD Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
certified consulting firm that specializes in government procurement, acquisition support, entrepreneurship and management training and assisting and advising other small businesses.

Fully equipped with an arsenal of over 17 years of experience, Mrs. Tucker speaks eloquently and  knowledgeably on the common mistakes, pitfalls, best practices and products of success in the federal contracting arena. She is a trail-blazer in the business of development and promotion of her expansive spectrum of clients from individual people to large, multi-million dollar organizations.  

The reliable and outstanding services provided by LTMC, LLC are evident of Mrs. Tucker’s wisdom, diligence, delivery, and skillful acquisition of both contracting personnel and relevant resources ensuring the ongoing success of her clients and employees. Through LTMC, LLC, you can expect to receive professional provision of programs and business operations subject matter expertise supporting your: 

  • Program and Contracts Offices Acquisitions Training and Staffing  
  • Compliance Checks, Quality Assurance, Reviews and Audit Support  
  • Logistics Support, Project Management and Meetings Support  
  • Budget Formulation, Pricing and Estimating including IGEs  
  • Business Process Improvement Analysis and Evaluations  
  • Purchase Card Program Compliance Reviews Support  
  • Cooperative, Interagency, and MOU Agreement Development  
  • Training, Reports, Assessments, and Analysis  
  • Public and Legislative Affairs Reporting/ FOIA Staffing Augmentation 
Lord and Tucker