Stephanie Figeroux


Stephanie Figeroux is Lord and Tucker Management Consultants, LLC’s Operations and HR Manager. Ms. Figeroux is well-versed and highly equipped with multiple aptitudes that accompany her Professional in Human Resources ® (PHR) certification which include, but are not limited to: personnel management, budgeting, government, event management and team building.  

A professional with over 15 years of experience in both the corporate and government sector, she received her Master’s in Human Resource Management in 2013 after accomplishing her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management and her Associate’s in Accounting from the University of Phoenix.  

Ms. Figeroux brings unparalleled expertise to the LTMC, LLC team in her strategic efforts to further enhance LTMC, LLC’s HR concerns by implementing and monitoring human resource policies, practices, and programs while evaluating and maintaining professional rapport both internal to LTMC, LLC and with its external respected clients.  


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