Non Profit Management Series

Are you a church or non profit organization and you are interested in the federal faith based grant program?  Are you a non profit and your entity requires business management training?

Non Profit Management Preparation Workshop

Your organization will identify the elements of and/ or develop a strategic/ business plan, and financial projections.  The participants will also learn the importance of having an effective team including management, board of directors and staff; identify funding opportunities; and analyze case studies of successful non profit organizations.  The class will also discuss the importance of the political process and the importance of establishing relationships in your organization’s quest for funds.

The class will also review case studies where churches and non profits are impacting their communities for the better.  Learn the basics of becoming a Community Development Corporation (CDC) and how the faith based initiative funds these projects – Beyond the 501© (3) nonprofit status: Success stories of Community Development Corporations.

Financial Matters

This course will cover the revenue and expense items and show the participant how to create a budget using sound assumptions.  In addition, the attendee will be introduced to the concepts of direct, indirect, allowable, and unallowable costs.  The participant will also learn principles for presenting financials in their organizations proposal submissions and the different types of financial statements, e.g. cash flow statement, income statement and balance sheet.

Funding Research Training and 501©(3) Application Process

This workshop is designed to provide the fundamentals for becoming a non profit organization.  What is a non profit organization; Prerequisites for forming a non profit organization; and IRS forms required.  Also, the participant will learn research techniques to identify funding opportunities.

Management and Leadership Series

Are you a manager or aspiring manager?  Are your professional and personal projects overwhelming?

Project Management

Whether you are a business owner, civic organization, non profit or work in the corporate environment, the ability to manage projects successfully can be the difference between small or large margins at the end of the year.

Learn the basics of project management, one of the fastest growing professions in the world, from planning your project to project execution.  Perhaps most important, learn how to manage cost and schedule using proven principles, practices and techniques.

  • What is a Project and Project Management
  • Project Management Processes
  • The Nine Project Management Knowledge Areas

Leadership and Team Building Workshops

Inspire and influence your people to achieve your goals as a team!  Either in the corporate, entrepreneurship, or professional environment, managers who will be followed are the ones who not only manage efficiently but also lead their teams effectively. Learn how to apply a consistent theory in leading your team; teach critical leadership skills to members of your team so each and every one of them can lead the team in your absence.

  • Use effective communication to motivate and coach
  • Examining the leader’s role as motivator and coach and in high-performance teams
  • Exploring the principles that make teams work
  • Know when to manage and when to lead your team
  • Clearly visualize your goals and communicate them to your team
  • Identify your market’s needs to better target your team’s efforts

Getting Things Done: Mastering Your Time – Time Management Workshop

What You Learn
  • Take Control of Your Mind (so no one else does)
  • Develop a Personal Mission Statement and Individual Development Plan
  • Using Goals and Priorities To Get Things Done
Master the skills of planning your weeks and organizing your days so your time is spent in tasks that really matter
  • The ability to reduce stress by eliminating unnecessary activities
  • Skills for mastering information management
  • How to balance work and life priorities
  • How to Utilize Time Management Tools and Systems – virtual and paper systems
Budgeting for Success

Learn how to create your own personal budget.  Mastering one’s time and finances ultimately will create a more productive leader, business owner, student, and/ or employee.  Topics will include:  How to create estimates, understand the elements of a basic budget, tracking the budget, and identifying different budgeting tools.

We also offer Presentation Skills training.

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